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It’s no secret that everyone wishes to be in good health but sometimes we get so carried away by the day-to-day activities that we neglect the simple things that can promote our wellbeing. A lot of people want to have clean, glowing skin but it just seems like an impossible feat. Some others want to have an amazing body but nothing seems to work for them. Many others just don’t feel comfortable in their skin, always feeling fatigued and burned out. I will take you through a list of simple yet effective ways of staying healthy through your diet; all you need is to make a habit out of them.

·       Food

It is often said, “You are what you eat”. You need to make  healthy choices in regards to your diet. Have whole meals and avoid junk. Include fruits and fresh leafy vegetables in your meal plan. Eat fruits 30 minutes before or after a meal and not with a meal; nutrients from fruits are best absorbed when the stomach is void of food. Reduce intake of salt as too much could lead to hypertension and could also make your face bloated.

·       Water

Staying hydrated is very essential as 60 percent of the human body is comprised of water. Some people come down with heatstroke due to dehydration. Taking 6-8 glasses of water a day is advised to stay cool. Cut down on sugary beverages and carbonated drinks and take more of low/no sugar drinks. Being properly hydrated makes the skin glow. Use rose water on your face for that natural glow.

·       Exercise

Being physically fit is a part of being healthy. Exercise is a planned, timed and purposeful activity. Exercise stimulates blood flow, increases the body’s cleansing process, makes you stronger and increases muscle mass. Exercise alongside with your cross trainer helps you to keep your weight in check and helps you look smarter and builds stamina. Taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes for 3 days of the week as a habit can be adopted for those who are super busy.

·       Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in promoting health but most people do not make time to get enough of it. Getting about 6-8 hours of sleep is needed for the body to restore itself, repair worn-out cells and for the brain to relax.  When you don’t get enough sleep, bags appear under your eyes because your skin likewise your body is tired. Sleep deprivation makes you moody, sluggish, and stressed and you may fall asleep at the wrong moment. You can use the heart rate monitor for personal follow-ups.

·       Protect your skin

As a lady, never go to bed without wiping that makeup off your face. They clog up the air pores on your skin and can cause your skin to be irritated and pimples take root on your face, resulting in blemishes or spots. Continued exposure to the sun can lead to wrinkles and spots on the skin. Apply sunscreen on your skin; one that contains SPF which protects the skin from direct contact with ultra-violet rays.  Spend quality time soaking your skin in baths with soothing bath salts which give your skin a radiant glow.