Six things to stop buying to live a minimalist life

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Living a minimalist life will set you free financially (Photo: Shutterstock)

In the modern days we live in, there’s a lot of emphasis on owning an excess amount of stuff. It’s always about who has more cars, more designer bags, more shoes and the list goes on.

We rarely stop to think why there is so much pressure to buy more and have more. Yet, there doesn’t have to be a direct connection between wealth and how much stuff you own.

The concept of minimalism has introduced a new way of thinking.

It promotes a lifestyle where you try your best to only have essentials. This will set you free financially which is one of the huge benefits of a minimalist lifestyle, and have a positive effect on your emotional health.

This year, shift to the minimalist way of life by resisting the urge to be influenced by pop culture and peers who have bought into the consumerism conditioning.

1. Latest phones

The world has a crazy addiction over the latest phone technology. Since companies know this, they release new phones every couple of months to lure you.

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While in real sense, most if not all phones basically do the same thing. Some features will vary but you won’t be missing out on too much if you don’t have the newest phone in the market.

2. Books, newspapers and magazines

With the advancement of technology over the years, there is less need to spend money on these items. You’re able to receive the latest news on your phone faster than you would if you relied on newspapers and you have access to e-books and magazines regardless of where you are.

For that reason, it’s okay to phase out your book and newspaper collection in your home. You can still buy a few books from the store when you want a break from your devices but don’t insist on having a whole room full of outdated newspapers and magazines in your home.

You don’t need to always get the latest phone (Photo: Shutterstock)

3. Unnecessary beauty products

When it comes to beauty, less is always more. Someone who uses a few basic but essential products can actually get more results than someone who uses dozens of products.

There will always be a new serum, cream or spray that promises to turn your whole beauty game around but that’s usually far from the truth, most times.

When you stick to a few products that work for you, you will get the results you need and have less clutter in your home.

4. Fast fashion

Repeat after me, ‘my bank account cannot keep up with trends’. Fashion companies always know how to captivate their customers through new styles and trends. It’s great that people are able to express themselves through their style but many fashion enthusiasts find themselves with items that quickly run out of style.

You can easily free yourself from the fashion rat race by sticking to wardrobe essentials, with a few interesting pieces you love instead of chasing after the newest fads.

Free yourself from the fast fashion rat race by sticking to wardrobe essentials (Photo: Shutterstock)

5. Excess home decor

One of the habits I’m trying to break this year is impulsive home decor shopping. It’s so hard to resist buying something new every now and then because they all look enticing.

Keep things simple by carefully selecting the home decor you buy. Let your home be free from too many pieces by giving out the ones you already have whenever you’re bringing in something new.

6. Pricey services

Minimalism goes beyond physical items. It teaches you how to navigate the financial world so that you can spend your hard-earned cash wisely.

As you start keeping track of where your money goes, you might notice you’ve been loyal to services you can do without. It might be that you’re able to do your own hair at home instead of going to an expensive salon or that you’re spending too much on expensive internet service packages when you’re not home most of the time.

Review your spending and check if there are any areas you can cut down costs on.