WHO teams visits Wuhan food market in search of coronavirus clues

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WUHAN, China – A World Health Organization team looking into the origins of the novel coronavirus pandemic on Sunday visited the food market in this central Chinese city that was linked to many early infections.

The team members visited the Huanan Seafood Market for about an hour in the afternoon, and one of them flashed a thumbs-up sign when reporters asked how the trip was going.

The market was the site of a December 2019 outbreak of the virus. Scientists initially suspected the virus came from wild animals sold in the market. The market has since been largely ruled out

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Coping Through COVID: A day in the life of a mental health specialist during the coronavirus pandemic

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — In April, six staff members at FrontLine Service tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, many of FrontLine’s workers made the sudden transition from holding face-to-face behavioral health appointments from the office to telehealth appointments out of their homes.

Hundreds of behavioral health workers in Cuyahoga County and beyond continue to deal with the stress and other challenges of seeing patients remotely during a pandemic that’s limited their access to people in need, and in some cases, creating a unique host of mental-health challenges.

“This work, some positions could be done more seamlessly in a remote setting,”

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