Nutritionist reveals four ‘healthy’ foods we overeat every day

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A top Australian nutritionist has issued a warning about four ‘healthy’ foods that are commonly overeaten, leading to weight gain, blood sugar spikes and a host of other complaints.

Susie Burrell says many unknowingly overindulge in dried fruit, smoothies and popped chips, believing them to be lower in calories, sugar and fat than they really are.

The Sydney dietitian, who is the founder of the Shape Me meal plan, analysed the nutritional value of these snacks along with brown rice and so-called ‘healthy’ dips in a blog post for 9Honey’s Coach fitness page.

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Coping Through COVID: A day in the life of a mental health specialist during the coronavirus pandemic

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — In April, six staff members at FrontLine Service tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, many of FrontLine’s workers made the sudden transition from holding face-to-face behavioral health appointments from the office to telehealth appointments out of their homes.

Hundreds of behavioral health workers in Cuyahoga County and beyond continue to deal with the stress and other challenges of seeing patients remotely during a pandemic that’s limited their access to people in need, and in some cases, creating a unique host of mental-health challenges.

“This work, some positions could be done more seamlessly in a remote setting,”

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How Much Sugar Should You Eat in a Day?

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We know, we know, already!

Americans consume far too much sugar, and overdoing it on the sweet stuff puts you at greater risk for chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. No bueno! Experts emphasize that there’s nothing wrong with foods in which sugar occurs naturally (think, fruits and milk) but getting too much added sugar (that would be in sodas and other drinks, cookies, and cakes, and even random places like ketchup and salad dressing) is what has Americans taking in more than the roughly 200 calories worth of sugar that the Centers for Disease Control

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