Ask the Doctors: Both probiotics and prebiotics key to healthy gut | Health, Medicine and Fitness

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Dear Doctor: My big New Year’s resolution was to get my gut into better shape. I’m not talking about a flat stomach — after having three kids, that ship has sailed — but about the gut microbiome. Do I need to take probiotics?

Dear Reader: Considering the abundance of foods and drinks with which many of us celebrate the weeks between Thanksgiving and Jan. 1, the new year is a logical and appropriate time for a gut reset. And, yes, we’re talking about the gut microbiome here, which is the collection of trillions of microorganisms that call our digestive tracts

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Eating less of this kind of food could be the key to slowing down aging

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Late last year, national health guidelines updated their position on the health consequences associated with habitual meat consumption.

In addition to increasing one’s risk for experiencing cardiovascular incidents, developing Type 2 diabetes, and certain forms of cancer, those who adhere to heavy meat diets more often than not do so to the exclusion of other important food groups. The latest data on this comes courtesy of Rui Wang, Ph.D. in a meta-analysis exploring the parameters a little more squarely.

Dr.Wang, of York University, determined that an excess of unhealthy protein sources can positively impact accelerated aging as well as the

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Early childhood development in conflict-affected countries is key to life-long health, wellbeing and prosperity, says WHO and partners

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The early years in a child’s life are critical in building a foundation for optimal development through a stable and nurturing environment. However, for infants and young children living in humanitarian settings, risks such as forced displacement, migration, malnutrition, limited access to health services and insecurity threaten their chances to survive and thrive.

In 2018, more than 29 million children were born into conflict-affected areas, and an estimated 43{6339095b8ff4371e80c293520f74ccd4c0488f11a7aed6d0daae87ff5630195b} of children under-5  years in low- and middle-income countries—inclusive of humanitarian contexts—are currently at risk of not reaching their developmental potential. As the number of crisis-affected people continues to rise, so

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