19 Best Healthy Food Delivery Services for Painless Meal Prep

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Healthy food delivery services are a major game-changer, especially if you’re easing into a healthier lifestyle as we ring in the new year. The best ones make meal prep painless and use good-for-you ingredients to keep you feeling your best, which makes resetting your wellness routine easier than ever. (And we’re guessing after one heck of a year, you’re in need of that.) 

One quick search will pull up dozens of options to choose

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Plant-Based Eating Prep Tips From Liz Moody

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To me, one of the best changes to happen in the food world last year was the start of the end of diet culture. People are realizing that being healthy should make you feel good—satisfied, satiated, and filled with energy—rather than deprived, hungry, and weak.

How we get there, though, can feel overwhelming. We’re bombarded with so many contradictory messages that raise more questions that answers: Should we try keto? Go vegan? What type of alternative flour is best? The solution, however, is shockingly simple. In my years interviewing doctors on my podcast and as research for articles, I

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