9 Ways to Reinvent Your 2021 Diet, Fitness Resolutions

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Feel like you’re already failing at your New Year’s fitness resolution? Making some simple adjustments can help you reach your goal. Guido Mieth/Getty Images
  • New Year’s resolutions can affect mental health when they don’t go according to our plans.
  • Reframing your approach to reaching resolutions can help you succeed.
  • Create specific goals and give yourself time to achieve them.

New Year’s resolutions are exciting. They can create a sense of motivation and hope for taking control of your health and bettering the year ahead.

“This can give a big shot of dopamine and adrenaline, which can cause

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Canyon Ranch Helps The Whole Family With Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

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Yes, it is that time of year to get in shape and eat more vegetables. The challenge is even more difficult this year since many people continue to work from home, just steps away from the refrigerator. Teens are learning remotely, and most sports have been cancelled. How can you get everyone in your family off the couch and into the great outdoors? Destination spas, which are incredibly appealing to adults, tend not to welcome kids. But Canyon Ranch is an exception; their properties offers numerous family-friendly activities and welcome kids ages 14-17. 

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Want To Get Financially Healthy In 2021? Four Simple New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time of year and my unofficial study of everyone I’ve ever known shows that 99.9{6339095b8ff4371e80c293520f74ccd4c0488f11a7aed6d0daae87ff5630195b} of New Year’s resolutions include money. Saving more, spending less, increasing earnings – most of us include some form of financial health as one of our goals for the New Year. ‘Getting my finances together’ is on everyone’s list, but often pushed down with every new list addition. Getting started is a daunting task, and many are intimidated to do so – but you don’t have to be a sophisticated investor to manage your finances. And your financial

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