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Let’s be real: Many people have picked up some not-so-healthy habits over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to stay-at-home orders, most of us were “forced” to sit around, binge-watch streaming services, and overindulge in food and booze courtesy of delivery apps. There’s no shame or shade in that, we all did whatever we could to survive the unprecedented times. The controversial year that was 2020 has officially come to an end, but it gifted us with a chance to transition into a healthier lifestyle in 2021.

While “new year, new me”

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10 tips for healthy eating

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Christmas is the time of year when most of us let go of healthy eating habits and instead indulge in the rich foods and drinks on offer.

January is Health Month in The Irish Times. Throughout the month, in print and online, we will be offering encouragement and inspiration to help us all improve our physical and mental health in 2021. See

And while the traditional Christmas dinner of roast turkey with cranberry sauce, vegetables and potatoes isn’t in itself unhealthy, the wines and spirits, Christmas cake, puddings and chocolates that are often binged on for days over the

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Melissa Marcantel, “The Queen of Nutrition,” Offers 12 Tips to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

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BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — If you’ve blown your new year’s resolution for dieting this year, have no fear. Melissa Marcantel, “The Queen of Nutrition,” has easy-to-follow ideas so you can eat and be healthy. 

“I teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle instead of dieting. Our bodies are unique. One system does not work for everyone,” said Marcantel, a global wellness coach who is an expert on crushing toxic body fat. “Yo-Yo Diets don’t work. Healthy lifestyles do.”

She has built one of the largest health organizations which has

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These 20 healthy eating tips for golfers helped me lose 40 pounds

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As 2020 comes to a close and we turn the page to 2021, GOLF staffers are taking a minute to reflect on … whatever they want. Welcome to 20 for 20.

Between all the shutdowns, lockdowns and quarantines, most people spent more time than they’d like stuck inside this year, not getting as much exercise as they usually would. Thankfully, the golf course has been a welcome source of exercise for so many golfers. But if you want to play more golf and use 2021 as a year to shed a few pounds, there are a few things I learned … Read More

These 9 tips from a nutritionist will help you eat healthy and clean in 2021

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Everyone loves food! That said, not everyone eats healthy or right. That’s why today I am sharing my top clean eating tips for anybody who wants to get healthy and eat better. 

My definition of eating healthy and clean is simply this: eating real whole unprocessed foods as close to their natural state as possible most of the time.

So you need to eat foods like vegetables, fruits, healthy sources of carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and grains, and healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and seeds.

One of the most important ways of eating healthy is not to jump on the

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Plant-Based Eating Prep Tips From Liz Moody

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To me, one of the best changes to happen in the food world last year was the start of the end of diet culture. People are realizing that being healthy should make you feel good—satisfied, satiated, and filled with energy—rather than deprived, hungry, and weak.

How we get there, though, can feel overwhelming. We’re bombarded with so many contradictory messages that raise more questions that answers: Should we try keto? Go vegan? What type of alternative flour is best? The solution, however, is shockingly simple. In my years interviewing doctors on my podcast and as research for articles, I

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Best Healthy Eating Tips For 2021, According to RDs

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Take in a deep breath, it’s officially 2021. Can you believe we can actually say that now? Here’s to a healthier, happier, and hopefully, more relaxed you.

To help you set your intentions for the year ahead, we asked six registered dietitians located all across the U.S. to share some tips on how you can employ healthy eating habits right now.

Below, you will see nine such suggestions and after, be sure to read the The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.


“Especially as New Year’s resolutions are underway, many often turn to fad and restrictive diets as

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