Yes, you do have time to eat healthy this year!

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Sadly, willpower doesn’t always win. Stress and life? Those get in the way, too. Therefore your attempt at eating healthy is usually the first to go. But Happy New Year, readers! January marks the start of resolution season, and weight loss typically tops the list. What are you going to do differently this year? There is an often forgotten weight management secret – a secret that doesn’t require detox dieting or cardboard meals. This secret is a simple, yet powerful, habit to develop.

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Preparation! That’s it! Without this, even the most dedicated healthy eaters can fall off track. Now that you know the secret, here’s how to put forth the effort. 

Stop your Scroll and Make a Meal Plan: There’s no guessing how much time is spent on our phones these days, as a daily average report is sent at the end of each week (whether you were asking for one or not). Ever wonder how productive you’d be if you weren’t nose deep in your news feed? Take 20 minutes between social media sites, and sit down and plan a weekly menu. Heck, just worry about the dinner meal (bonus if those dinner ideas have leftovers = lunch the next day).

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Don’t Start from Scratch: Sure, the cookbook you received from your grandma has hundreds of wonderful recipes, but the last thing you need to worry about are new menu items while working on this new habit. Start with your go-to meals – tacos, spaghetti or soups, perhaps. Repeat these every few weeks. Then, when you’re up to it, add a new recipe – has hundreds to choose from. Or, take advantage of your Hy-Vee dietitian’s new Healthy Habits program – a weekly meal plan made just for you.

Lean on Frozen Veggies: Just as nutritious as their fresh counterparts, frozen produce should be a staple on your grocery list. First of all, many of us don’t eat the recommended five cups of fruits and veggies daily, and no meal is complete without a pop of color. Brave the cold and take a peek behind the frozen doors. There are so many products that abandon the bland and scream flavor, making it an easy add to your meal plates.

Ask for Help: Your solution for all your resolutions? Possibly some guidance from a Hy-Vee dietitian. Turn your health goals into action with some assistance from a nutrition expert, as consultations and a variety of programs are offered both in person and virtually.

Life’s hectic, but remember meal planning and eating healthy doesn’t have to be. I dare you to do this year differently. Small steps lead to big wins, and a dietitian found within the walls of Hy-Vee can help you attain anything you want. During year 2021, be sure to make your health priority number one! 

The information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a medical professional for individual advice.

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